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The NY State STOP-DWI Foundation, Inc., through funding from the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee is pleased to sponsor regional trainings to benefit local STOP-DWI efforts in New York State. These seminars are free of charge and designed help our partners prevent impaired driving.


“DWI and Modern Drug Trends”  Presented by Aaron Weiner

August 16, 2022 Via Zoom Webinar

“Understanding and Dealing with Drug Driving Impairment”  Presented by Chuck Matson

July 13, 2022  Via Zoom Webinar

DRE & ARIDE – Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee Trainings

Specific drug recognition training for Law Enforcement

Police Training & Recertification – Division of Criminal Justice Services

Law Enforcement Training and Recertificaton

“Statewide High Visibility Engagement Campaigns”

In a combined effort to stop impaired driving, prevent injuries and save lives STOP-DWI Coordinators and their partners will be engaging the public with education materials of the dangers of Impaired Driving while Law enforcement officers across New York State will take to the roads during 8 specified timeframes. 

“Recognizing Impaired Persons”  Presented by Gary Bulinski

January 31, 2022

“From Over-the-Counter: The Role of Prescription Drugs in Impaired Driving”  Presented by Matthew Myers

May 13, 2022  


“DWI and Modern Drug Trends”presented by Aaron Weiner.

Trends in addictive substance use are rapidly evolving, with new substances, industries, and use patterns constantly emerging.  Join Dr. Aaron Weiner, President of the Society of Addiction Psychology, for an overview of all the most relevant trends professionals need to know, as well as what research tells us about how these substances affect driving ability and impairment.   Topics covered include opioids, cannabinoids, alcohol, psychedelics, microdosing, and kratom.

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Aaron Weiner, PhD, ABPP is a board-certified Psychologist and addiction specialist, and speaks nationally on the topics of addiction, behavioral health, and the impact of drug policy on public health.   He earned his doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed his fellowship in Addiction Psychology at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.  His perspective is informed by years of experience growing and directing addiction service lines for hospitals and healthcare systems, the current state of medical and psychological research, and his own observations in private practice.  Dr. Weiner is the President of the Society of Addiction Psychology, a member of the Physician Speakers Bureau for the National Safety Council, and on the Science Advisory Board for Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

“Understanding and Dealing with Drug Driving Impairment”, presented by Chuck Matson

will expand your knowledge of human physiology, psychophysical testing, as well as how eye indication clues are actual problematic indicators for driving safely.

Take a Breath and Reconstruct – Focus on Inhalants – We will analyze how to reassemble a DWI case which is lacking the classical evidence normally associated with such a charge. This segment will expand attendees’ knowledge of the side effects of breathable deliriant substances and how to collect usable direct and circumstantial evidence to meet the Reasonable Degree of Certainty Standard required in our Halls of Justice.

DWI Cannabis – Understanding the Highway High – This session promises to enhance any law enforcement officers ability to detect, process, and arrest motorists impaired by cannabis. Participants will be better able to recognize and document indicators of THC impairment involved in all three phases of DWI detection – vehicle in motion, pre-arrest screening, and roadside divided attention assessments.

Chuck Matson is a prior IACP DRE Section Chair. He is an often-sought instructor and lecturer for subjects related to driving impairment and psychoactive drugs. He has traveled North America providing advance training for law enforcement, prevention groups, treatment specialists, and other professions. For 29 years he served as a sworn officer with the Omaha (NE) Police Department. Since the mid 1990’s, as a DECP Instructor, he has assisted in the certification/recertification of thousands of DRE’s in the United States and Canada. He has been a faculty member for 59 DRE Schools across the US and a presenter for 9 prior DAID Conferences. He has received recognition by several state, regional and national organizations including being a prior recipient of the National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) annual law enforcement award. Chuck now resides in the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota and is an adjunct instructor for their law enforcement training academy.

“From Over-the-Counter: The Role of Prescription Drugs in Impaired Driving”, presented by Matthew Myers, will first present with foundational information on types of prescription use patterns that may precede an impaired driving incident (use, misuse, abuse), a brief explanation of drug-drug interactions, the role of tolerance in drug responses, and an introduction to study designs used to evaluate drug-induced changes in driving performance. The subsequent material will cover common classes of psychoactive prescription medications, evidence of their potential to affect driving, signs, and symptoms of impairment by each class of medication, and a synopsis of their prevalence in DUI-D cases. 

Matthew Myers, MS, MPA. With nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience and a master’s degree in Clinical Toxicology from University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy (among other education and experience), Matt’s unique perspective on drug impairment draws upon extensive personal experience with forensic evaluation of intoxicated subjects and a detailed scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying drug intoxication. He is also a certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), DRE Instructor, and has instructed all of the NHTSA sobriety testing curricula. He has developed custom presentations for a wide variety of professionals – ranging from law students, toxicologists, and police officers to judges and staff attorneys from appellate and supreme courts. He has lectured widely at local, state, and international conferences on matters of drug and alcohol impairment. Matt is also a member of several national and international advisory and consensus bodies in the fields of sobriety testing, toxicology, and highway safety.

“RECOGNIZING IMPAIRED PERSONS”presented by Gary Bulinski, teaches attendees the signs and symptoms of probable alcohol misuse, and the signs and symptoms of probable drug use.  This four hour course provides attendees with the basic knowledge and skills needed to identify, document, and communicate their observations of persons who appear to be impaired. It will cover the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators associated with probable alcohol misuse and/or drug use. In addition, attendees will learn the most commonly abused drug categories, current trends, and common methods of use.

This training series will feature Gary Bulinski, president of Traffic Safety Research LLC., who has more than twenty-four years of experience in law enforcement and has spent a majority of his time detecting alcohol and drug impaired persons and conducting crash investigations.

DRE and ARIDE Training, the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee is charged with the administration and oversight of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program under the auspices of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  A recurring concern we have heard from the law enforcement community is the difficulty in locating a DRE especially if the agency does not have a DRE on staff.  To address this issue, we have compiled and are making available a statewide listing of all certified Drug Recognition Experts and their employing agency contact information.  We hope that this newly published listing of Drug Recognition Experts will provide a concise reference to quickly contact a local DRE to provide assistance in any drug impaired, driving related incident.

This DRE Web page provides the link to the announcement and application and also lists all of the upcoming trainings including DRE school and ARIDE – Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement training Training and Events | Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (ny.gov)

You may apply here for financial assistance to attend training.  Application for DRE School Funding (jotform.com)

Visit dre-list.pdf (ny.gov) to see the current list of current certified DRE’s in New York.

DCJS – Division of Criminal Justice Services offers Police Training and Recertification.  Visit Police and Peace Officer Training – NY DCJS to see the training calendar.

“Statewide High Visibility Engagement Campaigns”

While STOP-DWI efforts across New York have led to significant reductions in the numbers of alcohol and drug related fatalities, still too many lives are being lost because of crashes caused by drunk or impaired drivers.  Highly visible, highly publicized efforts like the STOP-DWI High Visibility Engagement Campaigns aim to further reduce the incidence of drunk and impaired driving.  Research shows that high-visibility enforcement can reduce drunk driving fatalities by as much as 20 percent. Sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols play a key part in raising awareness about the problem. 

In a combined effort to stop impaired driving, prevent injuries and save lives STOP-DWI Coordinators and their partners will be engaging the public with education materials of the dangers of Impaired Driving while Law enforcement officers across New York State will take to the roads.  The New York State Police, County Sheriff and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies across New York State will be out in force. 

New York State STOP-DWI High Visibility Engagement Campaigns 2021-2022

HALLOWEEN:                                        October 29- November 1, 2021

THANKSGIVING:                                   November 24– November 28, 2021

HOLIDAY SEASON (NATIONAL):      December 17 – January 1, 2022

SUPER BOWL:                                       February 11 – February 14, 2022

ST. PATRICK’S DAY:                              March 16 – March 20, 2022

MEMORIAL DAY:                                   May 27– May 31, 2022

JULY 4TH:                                                 July 1 – July 5, 2022

LABOR DAY (NATIONAL):                   August 19- September 5, 2022

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New York’s STOP-DWI program is the Nations’ first and, to date, only self-sustaining impaired driving program. Other States have implemented components of self-sufficiency, but none to the degree of New York State.