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 2021 Victim Impact Panel Schedule 

      January 7, 21                      July 1, 15              

      February 4, 18                    August 5, 19         

      March 4, 18                         September 2, 16

      April 1, 15                             October 7, 21

      May 6, 20                             November 4, 18

      June 3, 17                            December 2, 16

 Victim Impact Panel (VIP):

  • The presentation is held as a virtual Zoom, one time, and live class on the first and third Thursday of each month from 6-7:30PM.
  • All participants are required to register for the Victim Impact Panel and send photo id via email. To register and get additional information, please visit https://www.preventionnetworkcny.org/ and click on the Victim Impact Panel registration button, or go to the Prevention Network CNY Facebook page and click on events.
  • Participation for the Victim Impact Panel is $35.00 and must be paid via PayPal/Credit or Debit Card through the registration page. There is an option to select Pay with Debit or credit card on the PayPal Sign in screen if you scroll down. No cash payments can be accepted.
  • If you do not have internet, or a way to join the Victim Impact panel through Zoom, please contact Jessica at 315-471-1359 Mon-Fri from 9AM-4PM.
  • Participants are responsible for filling out the survey given during the presentation. Certification of completion will not be given until the survey is complete and ID is emailed to the educator. You will receive more directions on this during the presentation.

For more information call: Prevention Network(315) 471-1359 M-F8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or

visit the website:  www.PreventionNetworkCNY.org 

VIP is an Onondaga County District Attorney’s Offices, STOP-DWI; Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department, the community court system, community volunteers, and Prevention Network collaboration, working together for a healthier safer community.

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New York’s STOP-DWI program is the Nations’ first and, to date, only self-sustaining impaired driving program. Other States have implemented components of self-sufficiency, but none to the degree of New York State.