On Friday, January 18, 2019, multiple Agencies from across the State of Vermont and New York focused on a saturation patrol focusing on areas where traffic is often heavy and crash data is prevalent.


The participating Agencies were:


Vermont State Police – Rutland

Vermont State Police – Shaftsbury

Vermont State Police – Bethel

Bennington Police Department

Woodstock Police Department

Rutland City Police Department

Castleton Police Department

Fair Haven Police Department

Rutland County Sheriff’s Department

Vergennes Police Department

Addison County Sheriff’s Department

New York State Police Granville

Washington County NY Sheriff’s Department


This enforcement was focused on the area of Route 4 and Route 22A across the borders, with the goal of providing consistent enforcement over an area of roughly one hundred miles on a  busy Friday night before the long Martin Luther King Weekend.  Route 7 from Bennington to Addison County was covered by our law enforcement partners listed above.


Studies show that driving behavior changes for roughly five hundred to one thousand feet after seeing a law enforcement Officer and then drivers return to their normal driving habits of speeding, using electronic devices, aggressive driving and failing to mover over for emergency vehicles on the side of the road. Once people feel there is no law enforcement presence, they tend to exhibit poor driving behaviors that are not consistent with the law.  Therefore the hope is that seeing so many Law Enforcement Officers out along the busy Route 4 and Route 7 corridor will significantly change the behaviors of the motoring public. The goal of the enforcement was to reach beyond State and County lines.    


No one enjoys receiving a ticket, but Law Enforcement Officers would much rather write a ticket to save a life than deliver a tragic death notification.


During the enforcement, the following actions were taken by the two States:


265 Vehicles Stopped

3 DUI Arrests

2 Criminal DLS arrest

I Felony Possession Marijuana

1 Impeding Law Enforcement Officer

1 Aggravated Assault Law Enforcement Officer

1 Resisting Arrest

1 Assault Protected Worker

1 Attempting to Elude

1 Felon in Possession of Weapon

1 Excessive Speed Arrest

98 Speeding Violations

5 Portable Electronic Device

5 People Operating Under Civil Suspension

3 Seat Belt Violations

1 Child Restraint Violation

1 Fail to Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

5 Preliminary Screenings for DUI

3 Searches for Narcotics


This enforcement event provided consistent enforcement to let people know driving is a full time job. We don’t need any more senseless fatalities on our highways and the motoring public can make a difference. Vermont and other States are working towards zero deaths on our highways and you can be part of the solution.


Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Don’t Speed

Don’t be a distracted driver

Wear your seat belt

Move over for emergency vehicles

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