Courage to Serve Exhibit

A new exhibit at the Greater Rochester International Airport shares the stories of police officers and state troopers who have been killed or injured on area highways.

The exhibit, called Courage to Serve, depicts the officers who died while on the job – some struck and killed by drunk drivers and others injured by motorists.

The Monroe County Chief of Police and the STOP-DWI Program hope the gallery of photos, stories, and newspaper articles will remind drivers about the Move-Over-Law, that now includes not only moving over a lane for law enforcement, but also for DOT vehicles, tow trucks, and other highway hazard vehicles displaying warning lights.

“This is an opportunity for people to look at this and think about the sacrifices these families made; these are people who live next door to you. Look at the sacrifices that they made and recognize there is purpose behind this and that hopefully people will do their part to make the streets safer not just for law enforcement but for everybody who uses the highways,” said Gates Police Chief David DiCaro.

Courage to Serve will be in the lower level of the Rochester airport for the next two weeks. After that it will be on display at the Buffalo airport.