Statewide STOP-DWI crackdown weekends for 2012

The statewide STOP-DWI Crackdown campaign is a joint effort on the part of the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the New York State Police, New York State Sheriff’s Association, the New York State Chiefs of Police Association, and the New York State STOP-DWI Association.

While STOP-DWI efforts across New York State have led to significant reductions in the number of alcohol-related fatalities, still too many lives are being lost because of crashes caused by drunk or impaired drivers. Highly visible, highly publicized efforts like this “Statewide STOP-DWI Crackdown Weekends” campaign aim to reduce the numbers even further.

Crackdown weekends for 2012 are:

• February 3rd – February 16th Superbowl
• March 15th – March 18th St. Patrick’s Day
• May 23rd – May 29th Memorial Day
• June 29th – July 5th Fourth of July
• August 17th – September 3rd National Crackdown
• October 26th – October 31st Halloween
• December 12th – January 1st Holiday (National