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The “Courage to Serve” Exhibit

The “Courage to Serve” exhibit was produced by Dr. Denis Foley in cooperation with the Lewis Henry Morgan Institute at the State University of New York Institute of Technology (SUNYIT) in Utica, NY and the Albany County STOP-DWI Program. The exhibit, through words and images, portrays different members of law enforcement from across the state who were either killed or seriously injured. Each experienced a similar fate; being struck by a drunk or drug impaired driver. The exhibit focuses on these fateful events in a forensic style. Each officer had the courage to serve. They had everything to live for. The strength of the shield met a culture of the extreme – and in an instant, everything changed. This exhibit is a vivid reminder of the dangers of impaired driving.
Pictured are:
Deputy Greg MacCracken, Monroe County Sheriffs Department
Lt. Michael Chiapperini Webster Police Department
Chief Gerald Pickering Webster Police Department?
Charles Giunta Rochester Port Director U.S. Customs and Border Protection